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Write your novel in record time with this easy-to-use desktop software program for Windows and Mac that practically writes your book for you. Enter a word length (50,000 word minimum) or select a category from among the 138 published book categories (genres) included. With the click of a button you automatically generate a complete template of your story from beginning to end. The template will contain the correct number of scenes, divided appropriately among your viewpoint characters, all in your proper order. Story points will be automatically positioned, from the crisis that precipitates your novel's primary action, to the story's major turning points, to the showdown, dark moment, climax, and denouement. 

Sit back, relax and let your ideas flow. In less than a month you could be flipping through the pages of a complete novel.

With the software's powerful features, you'll be able to:

  • Complete your novel with the powerful word processor included.
  • Determine the perfect length for the specific novel you're creating.
  • Generate story ideas using the tool formerly called The Story Idea Machine.
  • Quickly create a three-dimensional lead character for your story.
  • Decide what genre and subgenre of novel are perfect for you.
  • Set a compelling story goal for your lead.
  • Create a strong believable opposition for your lead.
  • Name your characters using a built-in library of over 7,000 male and female names with their meanings.
  • Decide whether a romantic involvement is right for your story and, if so, select the perfect character to take this role.
  • Populate your novel with intriguing secondary characters who are linked dynamically to your plot.
  • Build in "Surprises," major turning points that drive your plot and keep readers turning the pages.
  • Includes a complete sample template already filled out as a model for you to follow. Read testimonials.

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The program was created and developed over many years by veteran editors and literary agents Evan Marshall and Martha Jewett based on their combined 60 years of publishing experience and they offer inside editorial guidance every step of the way. Remember, your novel won't get written unless you take action today. Take the first step. Read testimonials.

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Fiction Makeover by Evan Marshall
The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing by Evan Marshall

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If our program doesn’t help you write a better novel faster, return it within 30 days for a full refund and keep The Marshall Plan® For Novel Writing bonus free eBook ($14.99), The Marshall Plan® for Success as a Novelist bonus free eBook ($25.00) and Fiction Makeover: 52 Ways to Improve Your Fiction bonus free eBook ($25.00) as our gifts for trying out the software. That’s nearly $65 of free writing tools, or a $194.99 value for just $129.00. Read testimonials.