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Evan’s Novel-Writing Story

This software is guaranteed to make your life as a writer easy because it has been designed by an author who knows how hard it can be to write a publishable novel. This software grew out of Evan Marshall’s book, The Marshall Plan® For Novel Writing, which he wrote out of his frustration at not being able to compete the first draft of a novel. For years, Evan would write a few chapters and then get stuck.

But when he started his career as an acquisitions editor and literary agent in New York City, he surveyed and studied the storytelling DNA behind fiction bestsellers. After reading hundreds of commercial novels, he created and wrote his trademarked Marshall Plan® novel-writing system, which debuted as The Marshall Plan® For Novel Writing (Writer’s Digest, 1998). The book became a worldwide bestseller with an avid fan base, many of whom wrote suggesting the book should be software. Evan learned programming and the first version of this novel-writing software was released in 2008.

Finally, Evan was able to complete and publish a novel, eventually becoming the author of 10 traditionally published cozy mysteries in the Hidden Manhattan Series and Jane Stuart Series, called “Miss Marple Lite” by Kirkus Reviews.

“I bought The Marshall Plan® for Novel Writing and signed a book contract 12 months later with my first choice publishing house.” —Eirik Wekre


About The Creators

Martha Jewett and Evan Marshall are a husband and wife team, published author-agents, and former New York acquisitions editors whose lifelong careers have focused on helping writers become authors. They both have long and successful book publishing careers which include successful track records comprised of dozens of bestsellers, hundreds of financially successful titles and thousands of happy authors and clients. The Marshall Plan® is software by writers for writers and grew out of Evan’s frustration at not being able to complete a novel. Martha and Evan pack their national-level writing expertise into The Marshall Plan® software, which has the storytelling DNA of bestsellers in a method anyone can use to write a bestseller.