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NovelCreator™ is the only novel-writing software that shows you how to plot, outline and write your novel with techniques used by top, bestselling professionals. It is based on The Marshall Plan® For Novel Writing (Writer’s Digest, 1998), Evan Marshall’s groundbreaking international bestseller that revolutionized fiction writing and went on to become a classic—a staple on hundreds of thousands of writers’ reference shelves. The Marshall Plan® demystified novel-writing for a massive audience and became the industry’s #1 go-to novel-writing technique for anyone who wants to write a commercial novel—fast.

A Key Technique

NovelCreator™ shows you how to tell a story through a set of viewpoint characters (“viewpoint writing”). This concept is key in creating successful fiction, yet most beginners know nothing about it because, amazingly, it is rarely taught in writing classes or mentioned in writing manuals. NovelCreator™ makes it easy and fun to structure your novel using this method.

Create Your Novel with a Click

Just tell NovelCreator™ what kind of novel you want to write—romance, mystery, thriller, horror, science fiction, fantasy, it’s up to you—and NovelCreator™ gets to work, advising you about word length and your major characters. The software provides templates for 138 different genres and subgenres—or you can simply enter the word length of the novel you want to write. Once you’ve made your creative decisions, NovelCreator™ instantly sets up your novel’s template, complete with the recommended number of viewpoint characters for your novel, the exact number of scenes you need, and all key plot points in their correct positions in the story. Now you have a solid framework for your creative storytelling to turn into a publishable novel.

Complete Creative Freedom and Flexibility

NovelCreator™ gives you complete freedom. Follow The Marshall Plan© system . . . or not. It’s up to you. Customize. Change your novel’s word length. Add, remove or edit characters. Add, remove or rearrange scenes. No work is ever lost because scenes can be placed in the Storage Area in case you want to pull them back in later.

Once you’ve outlined your novel, move to the Manuscript area and turn your outline into text. NovelCreator™ keeps track of your word length within each scene so you stay on target. When you’re finished, you can export your manuscript to your favorite word processor.

A Robust Package

Built into NovelCreator™ are two free eBooks: The Marshall Plan© for Novel Writing, the book that started it all, and Fiction Makeover, a book of easy insider tips for polishing your fiction using classic techniques. The two books alone are a $25 value.

The Marshall Plan© software has been for sale and continuously updated and improved for more than a decade, helping thousands of writers create and sell their projects and become happier, more productive, more financially successful—and yes, bestselling novelists.

NovelCreator™ turns writers into authors. Invest in your talent, in your career, with the software that has become a secret weapon for so many authors.

Now with more features and tools, powerful flexibility and a new lower price, NovelCreator™ means novel writing.

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  • Pricing: free 14-day trial, $79.99 (Windows, macOS)
  • License Key: use on up to 3 computers
  • Platform: Windows, macOS
  • Output formats: Word (RTF), Print

PC Technical Requirements

  • Windows 7 with SP1 installed (minimum), Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • RAM: 2GB

Mac Technical Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.9.5 (minimum), Mac OS X 10.10.5, Mac OS X 10.11.x, Mac OS 10.12.x, Mac OS 10.13.x
  • RAM: 2GB

Additional Features

Software Category

  • Novel design software


  • Evan Marshall and Martha Jewett


Awesome Benefits

  • DIY so you don’t have to take a class.
  • One click gives you the whole novel with moveable scene cards.
  • Flexible, customizable novel structure.
  • Lays out the whole book so you can brainstorm.
  • Created by industry specialists. See bios here.
  • Time tested and market validated since 2008 and 1998.
  • Write faster.
  • Grow your number of published titles.
  • Make more money.
  • Write to your your audience or category with the Genre Wizard.
  • Achieve your writing dreams.
  • Become a full-time novelist.
  • Write a bestseller.

What Users Are Saying

Extremely helpful

Thanks for your great software. It has been extremely helpful to me for all these years.

—Greg C. – Austin, TX


Had a play with it last night and it is awesome!

—John H. – Melbourne Australia

A boost for writers who want to get published

NovelCreator™ 5.0 is the biggest boost for writers who want to get published since The Marshall Plan® For Novel Writing.

—Clay Feeter, Historian & Genealogy Speaker – York, Maine

A major upgrade

The latest version of the Marshall Plan® software is a major upgrade. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to know how to put a novel together from the inside out.

Karen – Martha’s Vineyard, MA

A different way of looking at the story

I am enjoying using this software and am starting to map out the next book I’m writing using the software. There are some questions and issues you raise in the different action cards that are a different way of looking at the story, and I’m having a good time seeing some of these things in a different light.

—James D. Shipman, author of A Bitter Rain, It Is Well: A Novel, Going Home, and Constantinapolis – Seattle, WA area

Provides the logic of how the characters and plot fit together

I always wanted to write a novel and there’s a ton of software available today. Maybe it’s my engineering bias, but your software is the only one that provides the logic of how the characters and plot fit together. I also like the explanations about the different genres. As a pilot I can’t think of a better “checklist” to write a novel.

—Tom – Morrison, CO

New modifications and updated user interface

This version is going to be a winner! So happy to see the new modifications and updated user interface. Thanks to the old program, I already have more than 50 books published, so I can’t wait to see what I can do with the new one 🙂

—Ally – Dallas, TX

Very easy to use and yet very intense

I have found your software to be very easy to use and yet very intense. What you have over Scrivener and over other book writing software is your templates and tutorials, and the flexibility to follow or break from them. This aspect may not seem significant at face value, but I find your templates and tutorials double the competitive value of your novel development software.

—David R., PhD

Why would anyone choose any other software?

Why would anyone choose any other software to help them with their novel writing, other than NovelCreator™ 5.0, when it’s based on the writing techniques of a successfully published author and literary agent? The writing tools in NovelCreator™ 5.0, based on Evan Marshall’s best-selling Marshal Plan® writing guides from Writer’s Digest Books, have success built into the program. After reviewing the features in the program you can see that the software helps demystify the process of writing and is as relevant today as it was when Evan’s books were first published 20 years ago.­

­—Steven Zacharius, President & CEO, Kensington Publishing Corp

Great software

Great software and great novel planning system in general!

—DeShawn Latta

A visual overview of your entire book

I have the software. It is just wonderful. The main thing is that you can get a visual overview of your entire book. Not only that, the development of the manuscript is aided by being able to set up a visual method of repair for something that is not working. I did notice that you included two full manuscripts that would generally be sold in stores. I printed out both of those.

I had a story which was too good to toss away, so I took a hard look. What I discovered was it’s like a television show where the crisis is there, but at the beginning the story runs out. However, with your plan, I discovered more story. Now, the new crisis is the backdrop of a heavier hitting plot. I also discovered major character deficits that needed attention. There were missing scenes because these characters did not have any background scenes. Now they do. Because of my new beginning, the meaning of their actions gained power. I am partial to the structure your plan lends to taking things down to bite-sized pieces that make a story stick together. Your theory of story structure is a special vehicle for me. I have explored others. It is almost as though you have created something that can be used to employ the other theories of story.

—John W. Twilley, World Castle Publishing

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