About The Software

About The Software

Plot And Write A Novel With Ease

Create Bestselling Fiction

This novel writing software is for people who have never written before. With the click of a button it plots your novel using the proprietary algorithm in Evan Marshall’s novel writing guide, The Marshall Plan® for Novel Writing (Writer’s Digest, 1998). Evan’s book was the first of its kind.

Fans of the book wrote to Evan Marshall and asked him to turn his book into software. The software has been expanded and updated since it came out in 2008 and the purchase price includes free upgrades and use on three computers. It’s the only novel writing software on the market whose creators are published author-agents active in book publishing.

If you’re looking for a fast easy way to plot a novel and also want insider writing advice on how to write a novel straight from book publishing experts, this software is for you.

How does the software work? Choose a word length or select a genre or subgenre from the 138 provided. The software plots your novel scene by scene with the whole story arc including:

  1. precipitating crisis
  2. primary action
  3. major turning points (showdown, dark moment, climax, denouement)
  4. all viewpoint characters
  5. story points, all in the proper order.

As the testimonials say, it practically writes your novel for you.

Genre Examples

Writing Tools

In addition to doing the heavy lifting of plotting your novel, the software gives you premium fiction writing and publishing guidance from the creators every step of the way. You’ll find:

  1. novel writing advice and tips
  2. examples from bestselling novels in 138 categories
  3. sample filled-out novel plot
  4. Story Idea Generator (formerly The Story Idea Machine)
  5. character name dictionary (7000+ names)
  6. powerful word processor. (You can also export the outline to your favorite word processor.)

Page Turner With Real Characters

With Step-By-Step Guidance

Join the thousands who have learned how to:

  • come up with a story idea
  • weave in romantic subplots
  • create a page turner
  • build in believable surprises
  • create a novel that’s hard to put down
  • add plot twists
  • focus on essential story elements
  • create compelling commercial stories
  • determine the perfect length for your novel
  • create three-dimensional characters
  • select the right genre and subgenre for your story
  • develop compelling story goals
  • create a strong opposition for your lead character
  • add romantic involvement for your lead character–or not.

Sit back, relax and let your imagination fly.

Write A Novel Fast

Guaranteed Way To Be More Productive

Because the software does the work for you, you’ll be able to:

  1. write a novel for the first time
  2. cut your revision time
  3. reduce frustration
  4. have more fun writing
  5. increase productivity
  6. write better outlines
  7. develop loyal readers
  8. complete a novel
  9. become a full-time novelist
  10. become a bestselling author.

Publish In A Successful Category

The 138 Categories

The Marshall Plan® software helps you select a successful category and includes the nine categories that Written Word Media identified in 2016 as the ones financially successful authors choose:

  1. cozy mystery
  2. erotica
  3. fantasy
  4. mystery
  5. paranormal
  6. paranormal romance
  7. romantic subgenres
  8. science fiction
  9. thriller.

List of the 138 categories:

Action/Adventure, BDSM, Fantasy/Science Fiction, Historical, LGBT, Ménage, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Paranormal, Romantic

Animal/Anthropomorphic, Contemporary, Dark, High/Epic, Historical, Inspirational, Low, Magical Realism, Paranormal Romance, Romantic/Erotic, Teen, Urban

Action/Adventure, Erotic, Fantasy, Historical Novel, Horror, Inspirational, Mystery, Romance, Saga, Suspense/Thriller, Teen, Western

Aliens, Animals/Nature, Creepy Kids, Erotic, Extreme, Ghost/Haunting, Historical, Man-Made, Occult, Psychic Abilities, Psychological/Surreal, Religious/Christian, Serial Killer, Supernatural Monster, Technological, Teen

Allegory, Amish, Biblical, Fantasy/Science Fiction, Historical, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, New Age, Romance, Teen

General Interest, Teen, Women’s Fiction

Cozy, Erotic, Hard-Boiled, Historical, Inspirational, Paranormal, Pet Detective, Police Procedural, Romantic, Teen

Contemporary, Erotic, Fantasy, Futuristic, Gothic, Historical, Inspirational, Mystery, Paranormal, Regency, Suspense/Thriller, Teen, Time-Travel

Alternate Universe, Comic, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Erotic, Hard/High Tech, Inspirational, Military, Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic, Space Opera, Teen

Disaster, Domestic, Erotic, Espionage, Forensic, Historical, Inspirational/Christian, Legal, Medical, Men’s Adventure, Paranormal, Political, Psychological, Romantic, Technological, Teen, Theological

Adventure, Christian, Coming-of-Age, Dystopian, Fantasy, Gothic, Historical, Mainstream, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, New Adult, Paranormal, Realistic/Problem, Romance, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy

*Source: Written Word Media, “What Are Successful Authors Doing (And how can you be more like them?)”, writtenwordmedia.com blog, February 23, 2016.