What are the technical requirements to run the software on a PC?

Windows 7 with SP1 installed (at least).
Computer: 1 GHz or higher

What are the technical requirements to run the software on a Mac?

Mac OS X 10.9.5.
Computer: Intel processor.

Is the software available as a CD?

No, the software is only available by download.

Does the software have the same information as Evan Marshall’s 1998 classic writing guide, The Marshall Plan® For Novel Writing or his 2001 how-to guide, The Marshall Plan® Workbook?

Not the same information, but the same idea. The software has a lot more bells and whistles and current guidance, but it still contains the storytelling DNA of fiction bestsellers anyone can use (action-reaction sections or scenes, viewpoint characters, and more), which Evan first identified in The Marshall Plan® For Novel Writing.

If you would like to refer to The Marshall Plan® For Novel Writing, the complete eBook is included in the software, along with another writing guide, Fiction Makeover.

How often is the software upgraded?

There is not a fixed schedule of upgrades. If you have suggestions, contact Customer Support.

Do you have a newsletter?

We send out news periodically. Send us your email address at Customer Support.

How do I download the software?

Register here, then proceed to our download page. Select Mac or Windows and the 14-day Free Trial version will download automatically to your computer.

To purchase a license key, go here.

I’m having trouble finding the downloaded software on my computer. Where is it?

The software will download either to the download folder on your computer or to the desktop on your computer. You might not realize it has been downloaded if your computer has not been set to notify you when a downloaded file has arrived. If your computer is not set to notify you of a download, look for the downloaded software in the download folder on your computer or on the desktop of your computer.

Once you locate the downloaded software, double click it to install it. If you need help with a download, contact Customer Support.

When I try to install the software, I get a WinRAR error message. What should I do?

The solution is to extract the files from the zip, rather than trying to run them from within it using WinRAR. This can be done by right-clicking on How To Write A Novel-Windows.zip and selecting the “Extract Here" or the "Extract to […]" option. The latter will put everything nicely into a named folder.

I want to create a template of 50,000 words with the Opposition and the Romantic Involvement as viewpoint characters. I went to the Word Length Wizard and input 50,000 words and selected Opposition and Romantic Involvement as viewpoint characters, but the program template in the Section Editor only gave me the Romantic Involvement as a viewpoint character. How do I add the Opposition as a viewpoint character?

At 65,000 words, the program includes both the Romantic Involvement and the Opposition as viewpoint characters. To add the Opposition at 50,000 words, go to the Characters Editor and create the Opposition Character as a viewpoint character. Then return to the Section Editor, where you will be able to add cards for the Opposition.

When I put my novel requirements in, I wait a few seconds for the program to create my novel outline in the Section Editor. Is that normal?

Yes. You have to wait while the database works.